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Main Menu

At Bolero’s European Restaurant, we always used the freshest ingredients available and strive to include seasonal treats!. Our effort is to provide you with delicious food. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Message from the Chef:

“Every meal you order is prepared with the finest produce and cooked to order.

We ask for your patience and you will be rewarded.

Thank you!”


Escargot and Oysters

½ Dozen $19.90 | 1 Dozen $38.90


Oysters opened daily w/lemon wedges or chili tomato dressing.


Natural oysters with avocado and tomato salsa. Black and white aioli dressing


Oysters and smoked bacon cooked in our Chef’s special sauce.


Oysters cooked w/chorizo and a cream cheese sauce



Chorizo Asturias

Combination of chorizo and mushroom cooked in apple cider and garlic oil


Spinach and ricotta cooked in a creamy basil sauce

Pork Confit

Pork belly slow cooked, served w/onion on a bed of salad


Whole sardines grilled dressed w/garlic, herbs and olive oil

Seared Scallops

Grilled scallops served in their shell w/a chive dressing

Mussels Fuego

Fresh black mussels cooked in a tomato concassee, spices and chili



Appetizers and Tappas

Ideal for sharing | 3 Minimum Order         $10.90 each

Cured Jamon

Spanish Serrano aged 15months


French style salami


Air dried beef filled from Victoria

Mini Lamb Skewer

Two mini skewers, salsa salad w/yoghurt dressing

Chicken Liver Pate

Aromatic flavor and creamy

Spinach Croquette

Cooked and served w/a pomegranate dressing

Smoked Salmon Rillete

A modern rillete, mixed w/creamy cheese, chive, and a dash of lemon juice

Mini Pork Sausages

Traditional grilled sausages infused w/fennel seed, hint of chili

Most of our Tapas’ are served w/fresh bread.


From The Sea


Grilled Dory fillet w/black butter, lemon jus and chopped parsley

Sarswalla De Baro

Combination of fresh seafood and fish cooked in tomato Napolitan w/Spanish spices and prawn bisque sauce




Chicken Chasseur

Sautéed chicken cooked w/fresh mushrooms, cognac and tarragon then finished w/a tomato and red wine sauce

Gnocchi Chicken

Handmade potato gnocchi w/chicken on top, served w/cream and a gorgonzola cheese sauce

Quail Seville

Grilled whole quail braised in the oven then served w/grapes, bacon and a berry sauce

Duck Leg Confit

Traditional French Duck Confit fused with Orangethen finished with a raspberry and creamy blackcurrant sauce



Evening for Two

Chateau Briand

600g from the heart of beef fillet, grilled then baked in oven; served w/duxelle sauce and Beurre Maitre d’ Hotel

Paella Valencia


Traditionally cooked w/chicken and fresh seafood

Paella Valencia w/ Chorizo

As Paella Valencia plus w/ Spanish Chorizo

The Fruit of the Sea

(Depending on market price, order and paid in advance – 24hrs)

Lobster, Moreton Bay Bug, Crabs, Prawns, Oysters, Mussels and Scallops



Butcher – Lamb

Layla Rack

Grilled French cut rack w/Tasmanian honey, Dijon and seed mustard in a cream sauce


Grilled Medallion of tenderloin flavoured w/black pomegranate and sumac, finished w/a mint and butter sauce


Prices include sauces, vegetables and GST


Butcher – Beef

Tornedos Rossini

The heart of beef fillet cooked and served on a crouton, slice of foie gras (goose liver), truffle and Madera Sauce

Beef Stroganoff

Sauteed strips of fillet, cornichon, mushrooms and paprika in a cream and red wine sauce w/a rice pilaf

Beef Spaghetti

Slow cooked beef in tomato and pimiento (paprika), finished w/Spanish and Italian flavours

Your choice of:

–       Scotch Fillet

–       Eye Fillet

–       T-bone






Then Choose Either:


Sautéed onions, bacon and green peppercorns served with beef jus and king island cream


Selection of dried forest mushrooms w/a Spanish sherry, double cream and truffle flavor sauce

Prices include sauces, vegetables and GST


Kids Menu:

Grilled Fish and Chips
Served with Salad

Grilled Chicken strips and Chips
Served with Salad

Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Napolitan


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